2020 MacBook Air vs 2019 13” Pro – Best Budget MacBook?

With a Quad-Core i5 and new keyboard is the 2020 Air now the best MacBook for most?
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Apple’s 2020 13″ MacBook Air has just been released, and it offers a pretty impressive value for the cash!

It’s actually $100 cheaper this year while having double the storage!

And for $100 more, you can upgrade to a quad-core i5 processor which packs a decent amount of performance.

We’re going to compare basically everything about the new Air to the base $1300 13″ MacBook Pro from last year.

They’re both packing quad-core processors, but there may be a better cooling system on the Pro. Watch this video to find out!

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48 thoughts on “2020 MacBook Air vs 2019 13” Pro – Best Budget MacBook?

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  2. Should I trade in my 2017 MacBook Pro 13” for the new Air? I barely use it as I mostly use my iPad Pro mostly.

  3. Now my question is this (and consider i’m buying laptop for music production and a little bit graphic design):
    On the left corner for 1300$ i have the base 2019 macbook pro; quad i5; 8 ram; 128gb
    On the right corner, for the same price, i have 10th gen quad i5; 16gb of ram, 256 gb and scissor keyboard for 2020 Air

    Which mackbook to choose? will Pro over perform still the Air when it comes to heavy duty, or for 1300$ macbook air is a smarter choice to get?
    PS i need a notebook now, i cant wait till new MBP is out

  4. You're comparing frequency as a measure of performance. While on desktop CPUs it's pretty logical, on laptops, you should compare TDP (in Watts)

    For integrated graphics, you need to compare the number of CUs (compute units). They may have the same Iris cores, but not the same number.

    Also please mention the CPU specific name or at least what series (U, Y, M or H-series for example) otherwise the review is very lackluster in performance department.

    Otherwise keep up the good work.

  5. Im about to buy one. Can you guys recommend which one is suitable for me. Im learning economics and I may install windows10 to play tft. Thks very much

  6. I think a better video than this one, is compare the upcoming MacBook Pro, a comparison between those two would be interesting, and figure out the best value budget MacBook

  7. I must say, this has been the most helpful channel to me
    And the most complete one
    The way you do the reviews of the Apple products, for example, is just spot on, and the comparisons are really helpful
    This past year I’ve become a real fan of this channel
    Keep up with the great work!

  8. thank you! this is the video I've been looking for since the new Air came out. I recently purchased the 2019 base model MacBook Pro and have been having thoughts on returning it and getting the new Air. Also, I didn't have time to wait for the new MacBook Pro to come out because I need a new laptop for work. Think I'll keep my MBP. Hopefully the keyboard won't let me down years down the road.

  9. My evaluation of the cameras is that you need to light the studio properly before testing the webcams. (Pro was slightly better with that lighting mess, tho.)

  10. Uhm. You might wanna show the weight in KG too since your subscribers are from other countries other than the US too 😂

  11. All comparisons with thermal problems should have an AC unit right next to it to see how powerful they can get 😛 especially compared with MBP

  12. Why does everyone do these tests with the MacBook unplugged? A hot battery running at max current will get HOT. Which will make the laptop hotter, which in turn will make the MacBook slower. Also the MacBook might need more power, but it can't get it from the battery alone, especially if the battery is say, 40% full. JUST PLUG THE THING IN AND DO THE TESTS as well.

  13. Thanks for the video! One question though. Where's the link to the 2020 MacBook Air test for 1080p video editing? You said it would be in the description but I couldn't find it…

  14. I think its not a fair comparison, since the config of the MacBook Pro Air you used isn’t the base model.

  15. How about combo with eGPU like what you did with the 2019 13” Macbook Pro? Get you get the comparison?

  16. Hi Max! Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹 I Love to watch your vídeos! Always learning! Can you help me? I’m thinking to buy MacBook Air 2020 base model and just upgrade it to i7 processor. Do you think is a good choice to run some Photoshop or lightroom editing, casual 1080p vídeo editing on iMovie and some html and css3 web design? Thank you!

  17. Everyone talking about 14' mbp, when does that even come out, and is it even confirmed? I need a new laptop because my Dell XPS 13 is dying on me and need a replacement within the next 6 months or I wont have a laptop.

  18. Is the new MacBook Air with 8GB ram sufficient for (not so heavy) adobe software useage (mainly photoshop, illustrator, indesign and xd)? Or a 16GB upgrade is better? Side note: Prefer to get a MacBook Air due to MacBook Pro’s onboard plane restrictions 😣

  19. Oh well, for the iGPU, I think having the thunderbolt port just right there on every MacBook might seems to solve the problem on both gaming and metal graphic way better than the intel 10th gen iGPU

  20. It is about time some chinese brand launches a modified heatsink for the air that connects it to the god damn cooler through a freaking heatpipe….

  21. speaker and screen are way better in Pro. However, I was surprised by the iGPU on intel 10th gen. It overkills all the previous model out here, but yeah as of 10w thermal design. Its kind of like having 1000hp car on busy street, hence the small car might be faster driving like snake.

  22. unnecessary comparison, Hey what happen to the U processor in Macbook air 2020 ? lol ( you said now air has a Y processor)

  23. I have a question
    If I customized a macbook air to have all the same specs as the pro, including the 10th gen processor which is one generation higher than whats possible in the macbook right now, wouldn't the air be slightly better? maybe im missing something, but i dont understand why people dont customize the air and up all the specs and save $500 instead of buying the pro

  24. Good comparison, my suggestion will be to add other performance test perspective. For me i want to know how the performance will be for programming. Thanks for the vid, hello from Malaysia 👍

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