900 Years of Hate | Derby Days Lombardia | Brescia Calcio v Atalanta B.C.

You know Milan,
You know its world famous football clubs.
You know its world famous derby.
But what you probably didn’t know, is that in the same region of Italy just 40 minutes up the road, there’s two other clubs who have just as fascinating rivalry of their own that involves tanks, pigs, and medieval battles, but hasn’t seen a derby in thirteen years.

Until now.

Off the back of our insane trip to Superclåsico in Buenos Aires, Derby Days is back for season 5 and this time it’s all about “The Wait”. The intense rivalries between clubs from England to Germany to Italy that haven’t met for 7, 8 even 13 years. What happens to a rivalry when there’s an absence of meetings? Is it a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder or is the rivalry even more heated thanks to the anxious wait?

In Episode 3, the final episode for this season, we head to Lombardy, Italy, for the first derby in more than a decade between Brescia Calcio and Atalanta B.C. Two clubs who share a rivalry that goes way beyond football and into every facet of local culture from the dialect to the food to the culture of war and violence in the region. Despite being provincial neighbours, different time spent in different divisions meant the two had been suffering their longest derby drought, until this season, where they would both finally meet in Serie A.

A massive thank you to all involved who helped, for whom without, making this film wouldn’t be possible. In particular, Tobias, PiereLuigi, Ale, both Andrea’s, Leo, Michaeli, Dario, Gian, Chiara, Matteo, Guilia, Tommy, and of course Claudio.

A special thank you Gav for 75 per cent of the title.

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22 thoughts on “900 Years of Hate | Derby Days Lombardia | Brescia Calcio v Atalanta B.C.

  1. These shows are great. So informative, historical but they keep the passion. Coppa 90 should be on mainstream TV. Love it. Real football at its best 👍🏾

  2. Nusantara derby between malaysia and Indonesia is one of the fiercest rivalries in asia, if not the world. Would love if copa could dig deep into this rivalry

  3. I'm from Lombardy and I have to say that this is one of the best Italian football documentaries I've ever seen on youtube. Great job.

  4. Error. they use few german words not because the german times but cos' the austro-hungarian times. Great video anyway!

  5. The constant jump cuts make these videos a hard watch sadly. They're actually really interesting, I tend to just listen.

  6. do you really want to feel what is football atmosphere?? come to south america watch LIBERTADORES!!!!!!

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