BAEKHYUN 백현 'UN Village' MV

BAEKHYUN’s the 1st mini album “City Lights” is out!
Listen and download on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify
Apple Music:

01 UN Village
02 Stay Up (Feat. Beenzino)
03 Betcha
04 Ice Queen
05 Diamond
06 Psycho (Bonus Track)


#BAEKHYUN #백현 #UNVillage #CityLights
BAEKHYUN 백현 ‘UN Village’ MV ℗ SM Entertainment


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38 thoughts on “BAEKHYUN 백현 'UN Village' MV

  1. I want to eat Candy.
    I'm thinking, In Delight Album
    Is baekhyun sexy,cute,handsome?
    In UN Village, so handsome .

  2. from sujeong woollim the live, came here just to compare the part 'relax and chillin', kinda obses at this part now🤣🤣🤣

  3. Nghe đi nghe lại n lần rồi vẫn ko chán, giọng Baek đỉnh thực sự, nghiện vchg luônnn

  4. Imagine that the one and only Byun Baekhyun asks you to go to UN Village with him. Then he be like “Hannam Dong UN Village hill” as you guys are walking.

  5. 넌 우리의 자랑이다.

    지금도 충분히 잘하고 있어요.

    널 좋아하는건 행복한 일아다.

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