How to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition for FREE! (WORKING IN 2020)

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My PC Specs:
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30 thoughts on “How to get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition for FREE! (WORKING IN 2020)

  1. Hey guys! As of right now I'm unfortunately out of codes to give out… that doesn't mean I might give out more in the future though! If you want to join my community be sure to join my Discord @

    Also be sure to sub to my main (new) channel

    If you're playing Minecraft Java edition join if you wanna play with me, Vortex is where I'm most active 😛

  2. I bought my minecraft on 12 March, 2014 and I don't have the redeem. Can I please have a code, I'd really appreciate it.

  3. Hi I was watching your video on how to get Minecraft windows 10 for free and i do have a java account but the claim button isn't showing up for me. can you send me one of those codes you talked about in the video?

  4. Hey I got Minecraft in 2015 and it doesn't show me the Minecraft for Windows 10. Could you send me on?Please

  5. Hey man great video, sadly I couldn't claim it please you could you send the code you were talking about, thanks 🔥

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