Kris Fuchigami – Europa ( Acoustic Live!)

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If you search “Europa” on YouTube, you’ll see a lot of covers on various instruments. Today, we welcome Kris Fuchigami on the ‘ukulele, perfroming his haunting rendition. Enjoy!

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44 thoughts on “Kris Fuchigami – Europa ( Acoustic Live!)

  1. great music, one of my favourite Santana songs – fantastic location. Does any one know the exact location

  2. Fantastic and truly amazing artists…One of the best EUROPA arrangement I've ever heard. Thank you once again for uploading…Purely entertaining.

  3. Could have used a little bit of distortion on that organ which might have fitted in a bit more with the nature of the song. Otherwise a very great rendition and haven't seen a better cover yet.

  4. Amazing. The Ukulele is such a beautiful sounding instrument especially when picking. Europa is the perfect song to play on the Uke.

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