[MMA 2019] 있지(ITZY) | Full Live Performance

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50 thoughts on “[MMA 2019] 있지(ITZY) | Full Live Performance

  1. I want Ryujin and Yeji rap skillssss i wanna see them rap together cause their so charismatic yet the two of them are the strongest 😍

  2. why did i just realise that their signature pose is supposed to be a crown on their heads

  3. Itzy do NOT act like rookies. Their voices sound amazing (better than a lot of rookies when they first start off) and they look like they own the stage

  4. i love this concept so much. they remind me a lot of IDOL-era BTS. i cant believe theyre rookies, theyre amazing!!

  5. 🔥🔥🔥
    1:42 🔥💟💯

  6. Ryujin- fierce bold look
    Yeji- sense of professionalism
    Yuna- long slender legs
    Chareyoung- milky white skin
    Lia- charming princess

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