[PES 2016] PTE Patch 7.1 (Unofficial by Leo Tarinha)

Hi 🙂 The Unofficial Patch PTE 7.1 Update is released now for the Patch PTE 6.0 for the PES 2016 game. Very Important: This PTE Patch 7.1 is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE Patch 6! So you must install first the PTE 6.0 on your PC ( you can check my YouTube videos below )

► PTE 7.1 Download Links:

► Final Ultimate PTE patch 7.2:

► DpFileList Dlc v 4 Tuto:

► Correct order of CPK files in PTE 7.1:

► PTE 6.0 Video Turorial:

► Crack 3DM Only:

► PTE 7.1 full Match Gameplay:

►Read new features added in PTE 7.1 :

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– Special thanks to Brezinho, Ginda, everst9, mckagan22 & PES Arabia
– Special thanks to A. Hernandez for the Argentinian and Chilean kit pack

► Music Credits :

-1) ÉWN & Whogaux – Start That Fire [NCS Release]
-2) Different Heaven & Sian Area – Feel Like Horrible [NCS Release]

▽ Video of the Music 1:

▽ Video of the Music 2:

➞ To follow ÉWN

➞ To follow Whogaux

➞ Different Heaven

➞ Sian Area

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40 thoughts on “[PES 2016] PTE Patch 7.1 (Unofficial by Leo Tarinha)

  1. hey del choc,after windows 10 fall creators update the game does not start!i reinstall the patches 3 times but nothing happend!i have pes 2016 on steam.PLS HELP ME!

  2. The game doesn't start when i play against the team 'bayer 04 leverkusen' . its loading long….not starting. plz help

  3. tớ cập nhập nhưng bị lỗi sân vân động bạn!!! đội hình thì ok rùi

    sân của Arsenal lại là sân cỦA Barsa ,

  4. tớ cập nhập nhưng bị lỗi sân vân động bạn!!! đội hình thì ok rùi

    sân của Arsenal lại là sân cỦA Barsa ,

  5. What if I just download data pack only (dlc 1 to dlc 4) without having to download PTE Patch 6.0. Will it work ??

  6. Please help me! I can't find the link to download this patch even I followed all you instructions. Thank you so much.

  7. your links are not working, they are just redirecting me to another page
    help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i already follow your step but why my scoreboard still the old one for example epl scoreboard still the old one? thx

  9. You can create some patch or something some file that adds me 3 teams in other Europeans of the 2016 pes I have the patch 7.1 installed or that I run in one of the last patches that came out for the 2016 pes. Or just create me 2 teams and the Another add it with the patch Unlock Extra team or make some video tutorial or something. But what I want is to add 3 teams to other europeor who can modify the whole shield name all over. thank you very much

  10. hey del choc,me again,would it be easier if i just uninstall the game and then install it back then patch it this way? would it be the same? thanks pls reply

  11. why created player and free agents (other) not appears when I open transfer on editor, when i need to move my player to club?? how??

  12. Can I disable the Fifa 17 graphic menu from the DpFileList Dlc v 4? I like how the default PES menu looks.

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