Putin may challenge US shale industry: Former Shell Oil president

Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister provides insight into the Russia-Saudi price war sending oil prices plummeting amid coronavirus anxiety. #FoxBusiness

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49 thoughts on “Putin may challenge US shale industry: Former Shell Oil president

  1. HILARIOUS to see Trump's 2 BEST BOYFRIENDS Putin and MBS, STAB Trump in the BACK by CRIPPLING US Oil Producers….If the price doesn't RISE above $50 by the end of April, 40-60% of US Fracking Companies will go BANKRUPT!!! LMAO!!! And Trump TRUSTED those 2 Despots!!! Oh My! 🙂

  2. I see no problem with observing the glut-greed financiers and unforgiving corporate gorgons keenly destroying America's huge rural environments in pursuit of their Holy Grail It was all about insane lusting for huge profits….come hell or highly toxic drinking waters now leading to their own ruin and destruction. The Shale Oil Industry is an industry that should never have begun. A young school kid could've predicted their duly deserving collapse.

  3. Everything blame to Russia and president Putin am sick and Thayer to hear it’s a business game if you lose you lose

  4. OK Vlad, feel free to challenge anybody you want, with your GDP per capita of $10,000, compared to $59,000 per capita in USA. I like the GDP figure because it cuts through all the crap, cuts through state propaganda, and averages out the top 3% wealthiest citizens. GDP per capita shows the reality of being a Third World country, in the same league as Africa. Putin's GDP is far worse than Botswana at $18,000.

  5. "putin is angry about sucsess of us shale companies "…WTF.??…US is hitting russia with sanctions and is also sanctioning countries who do any business with russia…DON'T YOU THINK THAT AT SOME POINT THEY WOULD RECIPROCATE AND HIT US WHERE IT HURTS ?

  6. US Is just a Very FAKE ECONOMY
    Printing $$$ . Ran by Exxon, Mobil, Haliburton etc.
    Shame They (US). Control EVERYTHING.

  7. Saudia have military budget more then Russia , they have the most modern American weapon , and USA as an a friend .
    Russia has no chance against Saudits.

  8. MBS the Saudi Prince and America's ally poured oil on the market, because Putin refused to lower oil production. But notice the propaganda twists it—-Putin Did It!

  9. Alejezera is financed by the Saudis and observe the bloody American ACCENT of the Speaker – be aware they all lie! You bloody Idiots. Putin is better than the USA and had bigger brains than any American on this Planet! Countess Ursula Widawska

  10. Time to boost my oil company holdings. Buy low sell high is my motto (even though I usually buy high and sell low).

  11. I wouldn't worry about these oil companies at the moment. They have taken and continue to rake it in from us mainstreeters and poor working class. We have our own surviving from this virus to attend to.

  12. ………and there's me thinking the US was oil independent, sounds like a little drop in oil prices has exposed the lie. How is all this Russia's fault anyway? Didn't the Saudis manipulate the price?

  13. Companies may go bankrupt but the pumps keep pumping . Only the shareholders lose . Surely Russia and Saudi know that.

  14. If this was an attack by Putin, it was in direct response to Trump putting pressure to stop the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany in the Baltic Sea. The pipeline was 90% finished. This action was Putin showing Trump that Russia won't be supporting the American shale industry any more. Putin just spanked Trump hard. This is a perfect example of how the United States is not as powerful as Trump believes it to be. The United States is losing its power rapidly. Trump has helped create this situation with his inexperience and hubris. When Trump took over he thought he was going to rule the world. It is clear now he can't do anything right. China won the trade war and Russia sinks an American industry in one day. Well done Trump. "America First" has turned into "America Last."

  15. BS why would Russia shoot itself in the foot already under sanctions and hurt by low oil prices? Why would our allies the Saudis do this?

  16. hahahahahaahahahaha talking of shameless propaganda …. Russia is ready for 10years of this oil war… Saudis started this with push in back from Usa it was a bluff that Russia didnt folded on, this is not Russia fault it is Usa and Saudis

  17. Oil industry wants price controls to keep the price up? Controling prices on healthcare never seems to be an issue in that regard!

  18. Everyone who stands against the US will use this virus panic to attack the US economy. Oil is just one. The global elites are today proving by controlling the narrative, using fear mongering at its worst, showing runs on supermarkets by hysterical lemmings that they now know how to really damage specific economies and reduce populations of targeted groups. Covid-19 targets the elderly and most deaths are aging citizens. The goal as Bill gates openly discussed is to remove 50% of the then 6.8 billions of humanity with his CO2= PxSxExC formulae. Next "pandemic" coming soon…..

  19. War w3 Begin Now, Sir Mr Putin Russia Country President Very Brave Leader Man , Before Russia Not Ever To Invant Any Country, Now Time To Change Sir, ……. God Bless Sir, ….. Cheerio.🌠🇫🇷🌠👍👍👍🌠🌟🌠.

  20. Lets see, Russia wants to maintain oil production at existing levels, but Saudi Arabia has increased their production effectively dramatically dropping the price of oil.
    The flow on effect is that the shale oil producing companies could face bankruptcy.
    John, John, Oh John, please explain, how Russia is threatening US oil production and not Saudi Arabia? Are you speaking on the basis that you have a foot in the Saudi camp?

  21. Wait a minute!
    Didi he just say, and in the first sentence that saudi`s started a price war AGAINST Russia, and , just a few sentences later, that it was all Putin`s doing?
    Way to go Fox!

  22. We need to get the hell out of Oil! We don't need foreign Oil Countries to dictate how we live our life. We need to go GREEN! GREEN ENERGY!

  23. These countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia are going to be in big trouble in a few years because every other car is going to end up being electric people are going to stop by and so much fuel Saudi Arabia is going to be a big trouble Rush is going to be in big trouble they're going to end up looking exactly like Venezuela

  24. Purin is not angry at the success of american shale oil production, he just retaliate against american sanctions.
    It's payback time for american interference in Russian internal affairs and sanctions so don't cry now you've been laughing at Russian civilizations suffering as you do against all those you sanction

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