Slenderman The Curse Full Gameplay

Slenderman The Curse Full Gameplay
Slenderman takes over again with a curse so use the light and stay away from him as possible.

Slenderman has failed, and the curse through the years will be your doom.

Things went wrong after the party. Drinks, recklessness and your numbness caused by alcohol made your friends have fun of you, taking you to the forest. Seems funny?
Maybe yes, at first. But things not always go the way you like. Things are not good in that forest, neither in the town you live… They never were.
Stuff happens in towns, a little one means nothing.
Long ago, after what happened, the curse lasted through the years. He failed, and is never going to forgive ‘em. For him, anything never remain outstanding.
Slenderman don’t forgives.
Escape as fast as you can, find the keys, don’t waste your flashlight, and above all, stay away from him.

– Terror, horror and suspense! Same director from “El Laberinto del Demonio 3D”
– Horror game, now in English!
– Upcoming new difficulty levels coming soon!

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40 thoughts on “Slenderman The Curse Full Gameplay

  1. Cylinder Man is a mysterious figure but does he have to do with the man Pars horse

  2. Do you guys know how much its scary end spooky. When you see the slender man you cant escape your died forever end your in heaven

  3. Just subscribed to you vivid,your awsome and really good at horror games,I really like a good scare

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