Half Life Alyx is without a doubt the BEST VR videogame ever created. It’s absolutely amazing.
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


35 thoughts on “THE GREATEST VR GAME EVER MADE | Half Life Alyx – Part 1

  1. Geez dude! Your energy! No surprise you're so slim, you must be burning a f..kton of calories just talking. 😂

  2. I miss the old Sean half his jokes aren’t funny n most others seem forced he’s enjoyable to watch but his play throughs are slower bc he spends all his time trying to be funny in game this is just my opinion so don’t start crying

  3. I can't tell how that optic sight on the handgun works in headset since it's 2D for us, but from what I CAN tell of it, it's like a regular one in real life. So you really shouldn't be closing an eye for it. Red dot/reflex sights are meant to be shot both eyes open(as well as guns in general). You focus on the target and just bring the dot up over it

  4. Holy shit, a Shadow is The Colossus vr game would be so fucking cool. Imagine riding the Aivon colossus with a fan blowing at you.

  5. Sean, I want to see you wearing the VR body thing that makes you feel games, like when you get shot you feel where you were shot feel punches feel the environment

  6. Can I also just point out that within 5 minutes of getting the stim pack and putting it in his glove pocket, he forgot about it?

  7. "You're just a parasite that doesn't know any better" Will use this comeback when people take it upon themselves to comment on my appearance.

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