unblock facebook account temporarily blocked or suspended

My Facebook account got disable last week and facebook wants me to confirm my identity let’s unblock or unlock facebook account step by step with me in only a few minutes
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unblock facebook account temporarily blocked

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Technical Facebook issues I solved in this video are as below
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43 thoughts on “unblock facebook account temporarily blocked or suspended

  1. I subscribed and liked your videos. I have been blocked again for 30 days because of a comment. I can’t contact Fb and they don’t give you a chance to defend yourself or nothing. Can you please help me? My email is envylove200@gmail.com. Thank you🙏🏾

  2. Help me pls my acc turn to facebook user and i cant recover it , i try to search the email but it dont have match ,pls help thank you

  3. I beat Facebook block yesterday 30 days because I explained definitively what racism is and I’m black in which I said blacks aren’t educated enough about politics and I’m free under 2 minutes

  4. my facebook got blocked and the 3 phone numbers is not available how can i open my fb acc? because my 3 phone numbers are old and i have new

  5. yo so this happened my friend posted good bye it was really weird for him to post something like that so in order to lighten up the vibes i commented silly things one of them was pm if u wanna have a sexual chat and fb banned me for 30 days its freakin quaratine so is there anyway i can get that ban lifted bro i really need ur experties ….

  6. i am Indian Facebook as blocked me for 30 days for commenting on Pakistan media , they say its inappropriate comment u have been blocked for 30 days by Facebook somebody help me how revoke this temporary block whats the solution i want to start commenting on Facebook please tell me the idea how do i contact Facebook

  7. Sir Help me please. Whay will i do if both CP number i registered in my fb account are both expired, what will i do…Appreciate it Sir…Thanks

  8. Im tired of the facebook ban, follow my page and i will work hard to get rid of it through everyone who is sick of this happening

  9. Please help me bro last night my account was hacked by someone and for private safety facebook temporary locked my account but i followed all step by step recover unlock process but when i finished 1 problem appeared "Sorry,this feature is not available right now,please try again later." pls help me

  10. We must fight brothers. Don't get fooled by a communist-nazi mark zuckerbitch and we must fight against his wrong doings against us. By the way that mark zuckershit is not a human. He is a fucking robot run by China.

  11. Scot ug can you help me out, apparently yesterday my facebook got banned because I shared some pictures from my photography page in some groups simultaneously. Now whenever I try to login, FB is asking me to input the code they send to my number and my hotmail but the problem is I don't have access to either.

  12. Hello.i need your help. I don't know how but my messenger contacts received a picture of an underage girl in a beach naked. Before I notice I got blocked from Facebook. I sent them that it wasn't me and that I have this account for about 10 years but they just informed me that the block is permanently. Can you help me?

  13. My Facebook Account Is Disabled/Suspended And It Says: Enter Name And Upload ID Image (There Is No Email Or Phone Form Input). I Need Your Help !

  14. Can you help me with my account? My fb account needs to verify if this is me and it needs the phone number to send code but i lost the sim i use in that account. Can you help me?

  15. your assignment facebook community female joint staff. Do the world a favor .let it Go. grow up

  16. Mark Zuccdickberg blocked for no fucking reason.

    This is fucking bullshit, I didn’t even say anything wrong. FACESHIT IS A FUCKING CRAP.

  17. Bro…..my facebook account is not open…it shows that "you can't do that right now"…. Bro….please solve my problem

  18. Bro i send a video on a prived chat…i got banned .Fb want to verify my acc to be unlockt but i dont remember the email and i dint give phone numb to fb pls help

  19. 2 of my facebook accounts have been blocked for no reason.
    I can only scroll on my newsfeed.
    I can't like post share and message.

  20. hey mine was i cant send messages,react and shared post.And it says i need to wait for 3 days.i can still log in but i cant send messages.what should i do??after 3 days does it automatically work again???

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